Mike, KG7TR, as novice WN0BFX . Homebrew transmitter on the right, homebrew regulated power supply in the middle, and Lafayette KT-200 receiver on the left.


Copyright © 2021 KG7TR.  Technical information on this site may be shared in the interest of promoting the hobby of amateur radio.  I do ask that you give proper credit to KG7TR for my equipment designs.


​I have been a licensed ham for more than 50 years.  I have always enjoyed "homebrewing" my own equipment, starting with a 6AG7/1625 novice transmitter shown in the photo to the right, and then progressing to a four band Single Sideband (SSB) transmitter I built around 1970.  After a 40 year hiatus, I began homebrewing vacuum tube SSB radios again in earnest in 2009 and writing associated articles for Electric Radio magazine.  On these pages you will find several examples of my recent work, along with detailed technical information in case you would like to understand more about these radios, or even copy all or part of any of them.  I hope you enjoy the site!