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80 Meter Cheap 'N Easy II

A typical scene from the wiring phase. I've discovered that I have to stop periodically and clean everything up just so I can find stuff.

A new front panel has been fashioned and attached with sheet metal screws. Not essential of course, but it does make the final product look a lot nicer.

After completion of the 20 meter Cheap 'N Easy,  I managed to find another B&W phase shift network at a hamfest for a reasonable price.  Still having some leftover Command set parts, I then homebrewed an 80 meter version.  This radio is almost identical to the 20 meter version except that it does not have ALC, and uses a 12A6 tube for the driver.  In addition to the usual technical data on the finished product, on this page you will find some photos of the build up process.

The 20 and 80 meter Cheap 'N Easy II radios appeared in the  November and December 2013 issues of Electric Radio magazine. The 80 meter version shown here is now owned by Mark, NU6X.

Top view.  PA coil is wound on a VFO coil  form from a 3-4 MHz Command transmitter.

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The sideband generator portion of the radio has been completed and is ready for testing before going any further.  Notice the Solder Sipper to the right of the chassis.  Click below for a short story about that tool:

Underside of chassis with sideband generator section wired up and under test.

Bottom view.  Pretty much the same as the 20 meter version.

Stripped and cleaned Command transmitter chassis with sockets mounted and ready for wiring.  Homebrew radios always involve sheet metal work.

As with the 20 meter version, I prepared a comprehensive manual covering operation and maintenance of the 80 meter Cheap 'N Easy that is available at the button below:

Rear view with VFO cover removed.  The original ARC-5 range set variable cap has been removed and in its place are the mixer and driver tank circuits.  They are shielded from each other and the VFO coil.  Toroids and air variables are used in this radio; the 20 meter version used slug tuned coils wound on National XR-50 forms and shunted with fixed mica caps.

80 Meter Cheap 'N Easy II. Front panel layout is the same as the 20 meter version.  This radio was built from a US Army Air Corps transmitter so I stayed with the original aluminum finish.