75S-2B Receiver - Classic Ham Bands (80 through 10 meters), SSB and AM. Collins 2.1 KHz mechanical filter for SSB.  Arduino modules for Counter/LCD Display and Si5351 Synthesizer BFO.

Octal Tribander Transceiver - All octal tubes (19 of them), covers 80, 40 and 20 meters.

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This site is all about homebrew vacuum tube Single Sideband (SSB) radios built by KG7TR. In the amateur radio hobby, "homebrew" means equipment that was built from scratch, either from your own designs or someone else's plans.   Click on any radio image below to learn more and get detailed technical data.

Octalmania Receiver and Transmitter - 80 and 20 meters SSB using all octal tubes!

Homebrew SSB Radios

The Real McCoy - 80 meter transmitter for LSB only.  Uses a McCoy crystal filter. 10 tubes, including pair of 6883s for 100 watt PEP output.  Built into a scrapped out Tektronix 465B cabinet and chassis.

Copyright © 2021 KG7TR.  Technical information on this site may be shared in the interest of promoting the hobby of amateur radio.  I do ask that you give proper credit to KG7TR for my equipment designs.

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How the Solder Sipper came to be

HB-75 transceiver for 75 meters LSB. Uses a Kokusai mechanical filter.  16 tubes, with a pair of 6146s for 100 watts PEP output.  LMB Heeger cabinet looks like a Collins S-Line radio.

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20 Meter Cheap 'N Easy II SSB Transmitter

Octalmania 80 receiver for 80 meters LSB. Another radio using a Kokusai mechanical filter.  10 octal tubes, all WWII vintage.  Analog VFO with Arduino frequency counter driving six digit, seven segment LED display.

My first homebrew SSB rig, built around 1970, band switched 80 thru 15 meters. This radio needs a lot of TLC that I haven't gotten to yet - no data, pictures only!

80 Meter Cheap 'N Easy II SSB Transmitter

Vintage SSB Special - 20 Meter SSB Receiver and Transmitter

HB-600 Linear Amplifier - pair of 572Bs delivers 600 watts output on 80, 40 and 20 meters


2X-813 Linear Amplifier - Mates up with the Octal Tribander Transceiver. Pair of 813s in grounded grid put out about 600 watts PEP on 80, 40 and 20 meters.

Mike Bohn, KG7TR